Meyer & Allen Associates



We are Architects who Listen: That characterizes our approach to design better than any other phrase.  Where all too many architects tend to shut out those aspects of a client’s aspirations that conflict with their personal vision as designers, we consider it our professional duty to listen intently to what our client is saying and probe all nuances of a project’s program.  This approach leads to different architectural statements, for each different client, at each different site.  Program requirements, site characteristics, climatic features, all work with the “personality” of the client and the citizenry to create an expression that serves the functional purposes of the building, but also brings it alive.

The diverse range of our completed buildings, master plans and urban designs, is a testament to our approach.  We pride ourselves on the design of architecture and master plans which win awards, but more importantly, win accolades from our clients.


Since its founding in 1959, M&AA has been a leading advocate of environmentally sustainable design.  With our vision and decades of experience, we have pioneered many innovative, cost effective sustainable design solutions.

We are committed to continually educating our staff on the latest sustainable practices to keep our clients ahead of the curve in this evolving field.  Our key team leaders and staff are LEED ® accredited and the firm is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).