Meyer & Allen Associates

West Los Angeles Animal Care Center

Location:West Los Angeles, CA
Size:24,600 sq. ft.
Awards: 2008 - L.A. Business Council Community Impact Award

The West Los Angeles Animal Care Center is designed to be an attractive and inviting place for people to visit for the purposes of: adopting an animal; training or obtaining medical services for their own animals; browsing; or to attend a community meeting.  The facility is located on Pico Boulevard, a major strip retail street for the area.  In response, the facility’s site plan orients all public and visitor facilities to Pico Boulevard and provides visitor parking directly accessed off the street.

Program elements are arranged on the site in three main buildings which form a south facing ‘U’ around outdoor kennels:

  1. The Spay/Neuter Building, located at the east side of the site, contains functions which are free to remain open during “off hours” (such as the Spay/Neuter Clinic and Training Conference Center).
  2. The Administration Building, located at the west side of the site, contains functions such as Clerical, Field Enforcement and Animal Receiving.
  3. A third building was designed as “a wall” at the back end of the site and contains a wild animal rehabilitation center.    

The visitor parking lot provides access the two main buildings and the outdoor kennels, via walks at the east and west ends of the site.  The outdoor kennels occupy the center portion of the site between the functions located in the east and west buildings. Two covered aisles connect the Administration Building to the Spay/Neuter Building and the training/exercise yard.  At the center of the kennels lie the wild animal enclosures and puppy kennels which attract visitors from both buildings.  This arrangement increases browsing in the kennels and adoptions.

The kennels are of the outdoor type to take advantage of the westside’s benign climate.  They are fitted with enclosed “cubbies” with heated floors to provide warmth during inclement weather.  Each bank of kennels is provided with raised planters to provide a garden-like atmosphere.

The building’s design and construction incorporated many significant sustainable design features which qualified it for Certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Green Building Rating System.