Meyer & Allen Associates

Perahta Sieroty Center

Location:Santa Barbara, CA
Size:6,000 sq. ft.

The Perahta Sieroty Center is a dormitory facility for 19 students at the Santa Barbara campus of the Devereux Foundation, a nationwide nonprofit organization that cares for and educates the mentally and physically disabled, both children and adults.

The dormitory is a prototype of an independent-living housing design for small groups.  Four separate “apartments” allow students to reside in an easily supervised, but noninstitutional, family-style environment.

The living rooms of adjacent “apartments”, which are separated by movable walls, may be combined to accommodate large family-style gatherings.  The Center has communal cooking and dining facilities.

All spaces orient onto an interior courtyard which connects to the rest of the campus.  The dining area faces out toward the Pacific Ocean