Meyer & Allen Associates

Anaheim Memorial Manor

Location:Anaheim, CA
Size:61,600 sq. ft.

Anaheim Memorial Manor is more than a 75 unit, ten-story apartment building for senior citizens.  Jointly funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Anaheim Redevelopment Agency, this building is a centerpiece for the City’s civic center area.

The Redevelopment Agency requested a building design which would serve as a unique expression for senior citizen housing and would be compatible with the high quality commercial projects in downtown.  Working within a tight budget, balconies were used to support a second, outer facade which shades the residential windows and articulates the building’s form.  Prefabricated fiberglass columns and tile panels were used to accent the front and rear entries.  Through an innovative approach, a potentially plain apartment building was transformed into an interesting piece of architecture for Anaheim’s downtown core.