Meyer & Allen Associates

Culver City Rotary Plaza

Location:Culver City, CA
Size:72,080 sq. ft.
Awards: 1986 - Golden Nugget Award of Merit

Sponsored jointly by the Retirement Housing Foundation and Culver City Rotary Club, the Rotary Plaza was designed to provide efficient and affordable senior housing in a building which would be a visually significant asset to the community.  Funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Culver City Redevelopment Agency, the facility houses 100 one-bedroom and efficiency units with generous community and dining spaces.

Designed in the shape of a “U” around a central courtyard, the building steps down from four to two stories, providing a transition in use and scale from industrial and commercial buildings south and east of the site to low-rise residential developments west and north.  Balconies, mature landscaping and a fountain soften and give a human scale to the building.

The central courtyard, partially screened from the street by a bougainvillea-covered trellis, provides a protected outdoor space in which seniors may socialize comfortably or simply sit and watch activities in the surrounding area.