Meyer & Allen Associates

Toluca Lake E.S. Master Plan

Location:Los Angeles, CA
Size:6.3 acres; 57,000 sq. ft.

M&AA prepared a modernization plan for the Toluca Lake Elementary School as part of the planning process for the Measure Q bond issue funds of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

Toluca Lake Elementary suffers from three major conditions: 

  • The first is an undersized and outdated food services/multipurpose building.  The modernization plan calls for an expanded food services building, a secure delivery/trash yard, and a new lunch shelter with a covered connection to the main classroom building. 
  • The second is insufficient specialty classrooms and play area for kindergarten and special education students.  The modernization plan calls for the renovation of existing permanent buildings, the selective removal of portable buildings, and identifies the location of a future classroom building to create the correct number of classrooms and secure play areas for different student groups. 
  • The third is a remotely located and undersized library.  The modernization plan calls for the expansion of the existing facility for more bookstack/reading room space and the eventual replacement of the library with a new structure as part of a new classroom building.

The modernization plan presents a cost effective strategy to accommodate approximately 500 students within existing permanent buildings while allowing the replacement of all portable classroom buildings if construction funds are available.