Meyer & Allen Associates

Virgil Middle School Playfields

Location:Los Angeles, CA
Size:3.11 Acres

As part of the creation of the Dr. Sammy Lee Magnet Elementary School, M&AA first had to relocate the existing playfields for the Virgil Middle School, where the new school was to be located.

The site chosen for the replacement fields was adjacent to Virgil Middle School and provided better access from the school’s main courtyard than did the current location of the fields.  Unfortunately, the site had been occupied by a mix of industrial uses which had left the underlying soils saturated with hazardous substances.  So, before the field was constructed, all toxic soils were removed and a permanent gas mitigation system was installed.

To provide access for large groups from the school, a grand staircase was installed to connect Virgil Middle School’s courtyard with the fields.  A new restroom facility was also created with the fields to allow their use by the surrounding neighborhood on weekends.