Meyer & Allen Associates

UCLA Mental Health Center

Location:University of California, Los Angeles, CA
Size:104,000 sq. ft.

The Mental Health Center, located at the south entrance to the UCLA campus, demarcates the Westwood Village gateway to the University.  On the south side, the building respects the low scale of adjacent buildings.  To the north, the building steps up to meet the height of the adjacent Medical Center.

Through formal articulation, the building creates a series of garden courts for patient use; a children’s play yard, raised above the street, and a gateway plaza at the threshold between the town and the campus.  The interior responds to users’ needs for openness, comfort, clear circulation and ample natural light in all patient areas.

The building contains all of the outpatient clinics of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute: Adult Psychiatry, Mental Retardation, Child Psychiatry, Neurology, Clinical Genetics and Pain Management; research and clinical laboratories; a media laboratory and a Rehabilitation Center.