Meyer & Allen Associates

Rosewood Park Library

Location:City of Commerce, CA
Size:26,100 sq. ft.

Designed to be built as part of the replacement program for all facilities at the Rosewood Park Civic Center, this single story facility was intended to serve as the Central Library for the City of Commerce.  Due to funding constraints, the library has yet to be built.

The Library’s design is defined by a vaulted gallery, which runs the length of the building and organizes its circulation.  More intimate reading areas, stacks, and other functions are arrayed along its length, while the gallery itself provides space for active study, reference and circulation desks, as well as community displays.  Reading rooms are punctuated by bay windows which project into gardens, containing paper-making plants, and announce the building’s interior to the passerby.

The Library’s shape is punctuated at its entrance by a pyramid, which houses the Children’s Reading Collection, a multi-purpose room and associated spaces.  The form provides interior spaces which, at points, accommodate the smaller scale of children and identifies a destination point in the park: “Mom, I want to go to the pyramid”.

From a functional standpoint, a regular column grid system allows all floor areas to be used alternatively as stack space or reading/carrel space.  Even lighting patterns provide for flexibility of arrangement.  Floors are provided with duct banks for data and power transmission to variable stack and carrel arrangements.

The Library’s design satisfies the Library’s functional requirements, while setting it into the park setting and creating a magnet for learning.