Meyer & Allen Associates

Costa Mesa Police Headquarters

Location:Costa Mesa, CA
Size:56,570 sq. ft.

The City of Costa Mesa Police Department facility was built in 1967, in conjunction with the City Hall and other buildings at the City’s Civic Center. It is an attractive and well maintained building that served both the Department and the community well during its first 40 years. In the late 1990’s, however, it became evident that age was taking its toll and the building was coping less well with the increasing functional demands which were being placed on it. The equipment, furnishings and systems that operated the building were antiquated and inefficient. Code violations and seismic vulnerabilities were extensive. Most significantly, a doubling of staff size over the building’s life and the implementation of new programs that required space had severely overcrowded the staff work areas and support spaces.

To address these problems, Meyer & Allen Associates evaluated the facility’s condition and assessed the Department’s space needs. This investigation resulted in a defined, affordable scope for the complete renovation of the existing building, as well as an expansion to provide needed additional space. The concept resulting from these studies ensured that the renovation and expansion would be compatible with the overall Civic Center context and maintain the architectural style and elegance of the original building.

The existing 45,000 sq.ft. Police Facility was renovated in its entirety, with the exception that only minor life safety upgrades were implemented at the existing 4,400 sq. ft. Jail and the Pistol Range in the basement.  In addition to upgrading the existing building, an 11,500 sq. ft. expansion was constructed to provide an Emergency Operations Center and space for growth.

To meet the City’s budgetary and functional requirements, this project was constructed over a two-year period in a series of phases to keep the existing building functioning.  First, the addition was built; then the addition, in combination with some trailer space, functioned as the police facility while the existing building was renovated. The construction process was completed within 30 days of its schedule.