Meyer & Allen Associates

Hunsaker University Center

Location:University of Redlands, Redlands, CA
Size:60,000 sq. ft.

More than a Student Union, the University Center is designed to be the central place at the University of Redlands Campus where all elements of the academic community can come together.  The building is designed in two halves, one at two stories and one at one story, and contains all student and faculty dining facilities at the Campus, a bookstore, university services and student government offices, a coffee bar and a delicatessen.

More than a mere building, the University Center’s two halves frame and create a “town square”, which is the central meeting place on campus.  The University Center’s  “town square” is both an outdoor activity space and a visual connector between two significant facilities at the campus: the original gymnasium; and the library.  The space acts as a pedestrian connector between these two facilities and ties them together into a central activity spine.