Meyer & Allen Associates

PCC Student Service Center

Location:Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA
Size:62,652 sq. ft.

The construction of the new main library at Pasadena City College gave the college an opportunity to remedy severe functional deficiencies which had resulted from the scattering of student services departments into temporary and widely separated quarters.

The old main library was selected for conversion to a new Student Services Center, allowing the disparate departments to be assembled under one roof for the convenience of students and staff.  The building was gutted and completely remodeled for the new use.  The structure was upgraded to meet current seismic, life-safety and disabled access standards.

A new gallery circulation system, which is animated by natural light, brought in through a series of skylights, organizes the departments in a logical sequence of one-stop counters.  The arriving students can easily progress from Admissions through program counseling to registration and financial aid.

As a part of this project, areas within two 1920's Beaux Arts structures in the historic core of the campus were remodeled by M&AA.  Seismic upgrades were implemented, sprinklers installed, life safety features enhanced, and the historical detailing restored, where possible, to return each building to its original character.