Meyer & Allen Associates

University of Redlands Master Plan

Location:Redlands, CA
Size:130 acres; 830,000 sq. ft.

The University of Redlands has been described as a “university with the soul of a college”.  In the early 1990's M&AA prepared a Master Plan to revitalize the soul of this University, after years of neglect.  The Master Plan achieved this by transforming the campus into a “New England Townscape”, where “roads” became “lanes”, and “quadrangles” became “town commons”.
The original campus was centered around a large quadrangle with dormitories on the east and west sides, a chapel and music buildings at the north end, and an administration building and other teaching facilities on a hill to the south.  In the 1960's an attempt at a second campus was begun to the east of the original campus, and a library was built between the original campus and the new one.  This diagram for the campus was never completed.  In addition, the campus was bisected by Colton Avenue, a designated Major Highway.

The key element of the Master Plan was the completion of a viable diagram for the campus in two halves, one centered around the original quadrangle and the other completed the East Campus.  Critical to this concept was the creation of:

  • A Town Square - between the east and west campuses to act as a focal point on the campus;
  • A Main Street (Colton Avenue) - to tie the east and west halves of the campus together for vehicular access, while creating an automobile-free core for the remainder of the campus; and
  • Gateways to the Campus - to define the perimeter.

The first concept was implemented in 1994 by M&AA with the completion of the Hunsaker University Center between the old and new campuses.  Implementation of the second and third concepts, creation of a Main Street and Campus Gateways, was completed in 1996, also by M&AA.