Meyer & Allen Associates

Griffith M.S. Master Plan

Location:East Los Angeles, CA
Size:12.80 acres; 206,000 sq. ft.

M&AA prepared the master plan for Griffith Middle School as a part of the planning process for the Measure Q bond issue funds of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

To develop the plan, M&AA conducted multiple meetings with campus leadership and staff, several site walks, review meetings with the Local District and Board District, and a public review meeting.  Responding to stakeholder comment and input, M&AA created a final master plan which addresses major deficiencies in core facilities, provides the correct number and type of classrooms, and knits the campus back together into a cohesive whole.

The master plan provides a framework for flexible implementation of 15 potential projects to provide new gymnasium and food services and facilities, modernized classrooms, improved playfields, and sufficient staff parking.  For each potential project, the plan includes a detailed description of the improvements, a cost estimate and requirements for implementation.  Projects can be implemented as stand alone improvements or linked into project groups, as allowed by funding availability.  The plan accommodates approximately 1,500 students while also allowing for the addition of a new “small school” on the campus, if required by future population trends.